Outline of Pan Rolling

The name of Company: Pan Rolling, Inc.

Date of Established: March, 1991

Head Office: 6F, 7-9-18 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023, Japan

Enterprise: Development and sale of computer softwares, information services translations, publications, e-commerce services (books, DVDs, video tapes, software, etc) for individual traders.

Our History

1991 Pan Rolling established
1992 "Chugensen Tategyokuhou for MS-DOS" software released
1997 "Pan Spread" software released
1997 Website www.panrolling.com launched
1999 Japanese edition of "The New Market Wizards" released
1999 "Chart Gallery Ver.1" software released
2000 Our books were available at more than 500 bookstores in Japan
2000 Traders Shop (www.tradersshop.com) launched
2000 Seminar for traders launched
2004 Manga Shop started to revive vintage manga of 1950's
2006 Audio book published.
2007 Audio and e-book site digigi (www.digigi.jp) launched.
2008 Our books on investment and trading achieved 1 million copies.
Audio book player "playwalk" released.
2009 Investment and trading books were translated into eight languages.
2010 iPhone application for Audio book released. Casino Book published.

We have published more than 550 titles for traders and investors, revived 400 manga books, and 760 audio books. ias of Oct. 2010j


We pioneer the latest frontiers of market analysis state-of-the-art technology, information systems, and solutions.

  • Chart Gallery Pro: Chart viewer for Japanese stocks, futuress, and the U.S. stock market
  • Market Data CD-ROM: Daily data of individual stocks, and commodity futures
  • Premium Support Service: Consulting service for market systems.


We are the leading publisher in investment. Our service is high-quality and easy to use for beginners and experts.

  • Translation: We translate various books from classic to advanced research.
  • Original Books: We are introducing original strategies and technique by Japanese researchers.
  • Comics: We introduce stocks and trading through comics.It is unique and easily comprehensible.
  • DVD (Digital Video Discs),Video: We record valuable seminar from around the world.


We offer practical seminars to learn trading and money management skills from top experts.
We invited the speakers from various countries. The number of attendees reached to more than 32,000 (As of June 2010). See detail

We record and sell the seminar DVDs and video tapes.
There are many kinds of popular DVDs and video tapes that are completely original and appreciated.
We also translate and sell the seminar DVDs and video tapes by famous U.S. investors.

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